Discover the Truth
Behind the GMO Controversy

Do you remember where you were in 1996 when food containing genetically modified organisms first entered the United States food supply? Don’t feel bad, none of us do – because we were never told by our federal watchdogs, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), that GMOs were headed for our plates.

Three years earlier they set up their approval structure for GMO crops, and declared them generally safe for human consumption. Since then, the planting of GMO seeds has grown steadily, with the “promise of a brighter tomorrow”.

If this isn’t news to you, then I’ll bet you’ve also started hearing the whispers… the quiet talk about all the potential problems, side effects, and even long term consequences of launching these genetically modified crops into our agriculture (and of course then onto our dinner tables and into our bodies).

I’ve heard warnings on everything from allergies to severe intestinal disorders to cancers… I’ve heard of farmers losing their farms thanks to Monsanto lawsuits… farmer suicides… deep governmental and United Nations corruption… the list of “whispers” goes on and on.

But what’s the truth? The biotech industry swears that the “science” has their back on this, that a scientific consensus on GMOs now exists, and all those whispers are nothing but blasphemous rumors. Try to accurately research GMOs, however, and what you’ll find is a whirlwind of confusion.

Enter The Walk a Mile Project, where we perform the crucial task of discovering the truth, piece-by-piece, and most importantly documenting the truth properly for all to see.

It’s time to uncover the truth about the GMOs in our food supply, to see if one side is right, or if the truth perhaps sits somewhere in the middle. Most importantly, it’s time to show everyone how we fix the issue. In other words, it’s time to discover the truth and change the world — together.

These two quotes will quickly give you an idea of the two very different stories being told from those concerned about GMOs in our food supply, and those who sell GMOs and swear by their safety. The debate started in 1996, ten years later raged on without true resolution (as evidenced by the conflicting quotes), and still sits in that status today…

The health of American consumers is at the mercy of the goodwill of the biotech companies that are licensed to decide, with no government supervision, whether their GMO products are safe. This is absolutely unprecedented in the history of the United States. The policy was drafted so the biotechnology industry could propagate the myth that GMOs are regulated, which is completely false. In the process, the country has been turned into a huge laboratory where potentially dangerous products have been set loose for the last ten years without the consumer being able to choose, because, in the name of the principle of substantial equivalence, labeling of GMOs is banned, and there is no follow-up.
Joseph Mendelson Former Legal Director, Center For Food Safety, 2006
The health and safety of biotcehnology products is not an issue: the food, feed and environmental safety of the products must be demonstrated before the products enter the agricultural production system and supply chain.
Monsanto Pledge Report, 2005