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5 Potential Problems With Glyphosate – GMO Truth Podcast #6

Thanks to glyphosate hitting the news so much over the past 1.5 months, GMO Truth #6 wound up taking a completely different direction here than originally planned. Substantial Equivalence was set to be the topic, but instead glyphosate takes center stage, since it's been around since 1974 (when Monsanto first released Roundup), and was such an important component in the dawn of GMOs.

Walk a Mile in a GMO Farmer’s Shoes – GMO Truth Podcast #5

So in GMO TRUTH #5 here, after a quick intro for the first video interview of the project, I then play and discuss the "Drink a Whole Quart of It" video, referring to glyphosate of course. Then we get into the actual interview with Canadian GMO farmer Abe Wiens (although it's important to note, only one of Abe's crops is GMO), and then close with commentary on that interview and what's up next...

Time to Ask More Questions — GMO Truth Podcast #4

The GMO TRUTH with not one... not two... not three... OK three. The GMO Truth returns with THREE new Questions, which means we're kicking off three new sequences here at The Walk a Mile Project, all at once. The sequences themselves will pop up under GMO QUESTIONS over the next week a so, but hear them first here on The GMO Truth. You'll also learn a little about the...