The Walk a Mile Project Philosophy

We have a serious trust problem right now in the media, ranging from the mainstream media’s selective reporting to the alternative media’s penchant for sensationalism… and even to creative, agenda-driven editing by some documentary filmmakers.  It all results in one dirty word — manipulation — with an erosion of trust.  Here at The Walk a Mile Project, trust is our mission, discovering the truth our ultimate goal.

You’ll see that during every step of the process, as detailed below.  We meticulously report our findings, and we put a huge premium on the truth.  That’s why you’ll find our QUESTIONS page completed first, our INVESTIGATION page filled second, and our TRUTH page finally completed last.  We work on all three in tandem, but we don’t stamp something as truth until we can do so with 100% conviction.  We also report accurately, referencing who supplied the information, never betraying your trust.

When our main work focus shifts to the investigation step, we film extensively, and possibly unlike any other media outlet, at the end of each phase we make our raw footage immediately available to the public.  No manipulation, no secrets.  If you have a question about anything in one of our films, once a phase is 100% complete you can simply view the archives yourself, and know that your trust in The Walk a Mile Project will never be misplaced.  The Change The World Films tagline (the company behind Walk a Mile) says, we are here to “Discover the truth, and change the world.”  We sincerely hope you’ll join us.

Core Principles

  • TRUST.  No manipulation, only truth.

  • DILIGENCE.  Three steps, repeated until completion, for every phase.

  • ACTION.  Concise, simple actions so YOU can change the world.

  • RESPECT.  To the subject matter, our interviewees, and our visitors.

  • INTEGRITY. A requirement for everyone involved, especially in Comments sections!


3 Key Steps - How The Walk a Mile Project Works


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Preliminary Research – Asking the Right Questions
At the very start of each new phase in The Walk a Mile Project, we perform intensive research to see where the current problem we’re investigating began, and to fill in as many details as possible right from the get-go.  Doing so gives us a much clearer starting point, and a tentative idea of the path needed to resolve the pressing issue at hand.

It’s a step-by-step process, overturning as many stones as needed to find the truth.  It all starts by creating a list of preliminary questions to answer, then building on that list during the project, until it’s clear that we’ve reached the turning point — until the issue is well on its way to resolution.


Eye Glass

The Relentless Voice of Reason
The bulk of our work takes place right here, as we relentlessly dig for answers, but ALWAYS act as the voice of reason.  With so much sensationalism and polarizing, unnecessary drama put out from both mainstream and alternative media, every time you turn on the TV on or read something on the internet, you can feel like it’s all gone bad — and even worse, that there’s nothing you can do about it.  That, however, is a truly ridiculous notion, and it’s our job to show you why that is, and how we can fix it together.


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Together We Change the World
It’s also our job to show you just how powerful all of us — and yes YOU — truly are.  As we uncover the truth, bit-by-bit, we’ll provide guidelines for the solution.  As we get deeper and deeper into a phase, uncovering more and more truth, we provide constant (often weekly) guidance, so that you will know exactly what you personally can do to truly make a difference and fix the problem at hand.

The Walk a Mile Project is NOT simply about making a documentary.  It’s about mobilizing people all over the world to take key actions — actions that fix the problem which inspired our research in the first place.  We’re here to work with all of you to change the world.  Nothing less.