About Us

Change The World Films is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose core mission is to address one extremely important, worldwide issue at a time, delivering truth and solutions in both a trust-building and community-building environment.

In 2024, we launched ChangeTheWorldFilms.Studio, our new company website, to accommodate more than just the work we’re doing here at The Walk a Mile Project.

Click here to read our ABOUT US page on the new website, where you can learn much more about Change the World Films.

The Walk a Mile Project
Our Flagship Program

The Walk a Mile Project is a long-term, multi-phase documentary film and multimedia project designed to help solve one crucial, worldwide problem at a time.

We tackle problems and controversies where a search for the truth can bring the issue to its tipping point… where asking the right questions, deep research, and investigative, truth-focused film-making, combined with critical thinking and the voice of reason, steps in to take the problem at hand well on its way to actual resolution.