Frontotemporal Dementia Documentary

The Walk a Mile Side Project for Phase One

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GREAT NEWS for 2023!
Our documentary on Frontotemporal Dementia moves forward this Summer!

Our FTD Documentary relaunches this summer, with a “Finish the Film” plan firmly in place, split into three phases. Project completion is slated for Late Fall 2024.

The first phase begins crowdfunding soon, and takes place in Summer/Fall 2023. It simply entails completing the rough edit, so we can prepare for final interviews with doctors, etc. in phase two.

Phase three is for full post-production, including the final edit, color correction, sound mixing, etc.

We’ll be funding each phase separately to keep the project moving forward smoothly and on-schedule.

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We’ll also be moving to a new FTD Documentary dedicated website in 2023, coming soon.

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